22 September 2015 @ 06:37 pm

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03 January 2011 @ 09:52 pm
So, I have realized two things:
1. That I would like to be able to keep up with the people I love better,
2. That I simultaneously friend everyone and then never comment on their journals.

Therefore, I'm doing that thing where if I never talk to you or you never talk to me, I pare down the list a bit, in the hopes that I can actually look at this thing without being goddamn terrified. (A lot of this is community-deleting.) Please know I love you all and have really enjoyed reading your journals and being part of your lives - it's just that time. <3

If you would like to stay on the old f'list please drop me a note(for example, you also are the type of person who never talks! or you are, but for some reason think I won't have noticed that! or whatnot!) - it's obvious and a little awkward, but it's a convention that's useful and I don't "not value" anyone. :)
31 October 2010 @ 07:31 pm
How was everyone's day/evening?

Today we had plans to go to Graceland Cemetary (one of the largest park-style cemetaries in the US, and home of dozens of famous people, including a bunch of Chicago's most famous architects [Burnham has his own island he's entombed on. Like fucking Avalon.]) Anyway, that didn't pan out, but we still have plans to go sometime.

It was sort of good that we didn't, anyway, because we ended up using an entire 1GB memory card taking pictures of me running around like a douchebag in my Killjoys costume.

For the unaware/uninitiated/un...obsessed?, the Killjoys are from MCR's new album (Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys). MTV actually does a better job getting into depth with the new album and its details than I could, or even, weirdly, than MCR does for the most part, so I'll just link you: My Chemical Romance tag @ MTV.com. Definitely, definitely watch the new video.

Done with that?
Okay, so. MCR have been encouraging their fans to dress up as Killjoys (hardly necessary: when I saw the new video I was already planning my costume) and develop characters. Hence, a lot of running around picture taking.

Everybody Wants To Change The World -- A PhotosetCollapse )

So that's my character (created with generous help from Jessi/lunamorgan, who also took these fantastic photos), and...these are approximately a tenth of the photos we took. That we kept. Seriously, we took 300 pictures o_O


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08 June 2010 @ 01:58 am
Haven't been especially good about posting lately. I have some notes from scribbled posts on the way to/from work that I've written in a journal, but now isn't the time.

I just want to let everyone know that every day is defriending amnesty day around here.

And/or (for example, if I'm a frequent commenter/friend of yours but you don't have me friended back, thus I have become some kind of imposition, or I've done something to offend you, or whatever): if you have an issue with me, please let me know. Either we can work through it or we can go our separate ways.

Thing is, it would be nice to actually know these things so I'm not sitting here with no idea, thinking it's all ok, doing the same annoying thing over and over when I could stop, or what not.


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10 October 2009 @ 10:43 pm
Hey guys, I'm setting up for a major friends cut and I wanted to forewarn people.

This is nothing personal: I love all of you. Lately, though, my life has gotten so hectic with work, trying desperately to get back on track with online classes, thinking about freelance web design again to pull in some extra money -- and even, potentially, smashing things like "art" and "writing" into my schedule, haha -- that even opening my flist can be daunting, emotionally, much less posting.

I have a tendency to friend everyone with even remotely similar interests to me. And this has ended up with a lot of great friends who I wouldn't have otherwise met, and again, I love all of you. But I need to pare things down. I was seriously considering making an entirely new journal or deleting this thing for a while, but so much of my life is here and I hope I'm not offending anyone by making this decision - it really is for my own emotional health.

If you would like to stay, like reading my entries or writing, whatever -- please let me know in the comments. And I'm always around at twitter (@winged).

[Edit: Thank you guys! I'm just getting to my LJ at 2 in the morning, so it's hard to get to everyone to give hugs but I really do appreciate that people like having me around. Also, keeping this public in case I accidentally cut someone or something stupid. I'll post a "you're still on the island" type post tomorrow probably.]
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This is actually reposted from the comments of Deeply Problematic, from several weeks ago now I believe, but it was long enough to be a post, and I figured I've been wanting to use this blog for actual blogging anyway.

The commenter writes,

Okay, I just found your blog from a Google search on "Thin Privilege".

As someone who's been overweight most of my life, I don't buy the idea of "thin privilege". Maybe for the people who can eat all day long and still be skinny, but not me. I busted my ass for a year, dieting hard and training hard, and I'm in great shape because of it. And yes, people (especially women) treat me very differently because of it. Does it suck that people weren't so nice to me before? Yes.

However, my main issue with this is that we (the royal we) are ultimately responsible for our weight, health, and self-esteem. Not anyone else. If being so overweight and everything that comes along with it is so bad, you can change that by dieting and exercising. No it sure as hell isn't easy, and unfortunately people feel as if it should be.

And yes I am aware that I have a very arrogantly-titled blog, and that you possibly might me off as a total douchebag because of it. But at least hear me out.

I replied with a long rant about privilege, health and body acceptanceCollapse )

What do you guys think? Is there such a thing as "thin privilege"? Am I completely wrong?
What about poverty? Why doesn't class privilege get discussed re: obesity and who gets considered beautiful more often?
And is it really more healthy to be thinner - no matter what? Or is this all just about what's beautiful?

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16 July 2009 @ 01:07 am
So today has been the awesome day of writer's guides (warnings for triggers as per what the guide is talking about), which I found super interesting in an autobiographical way, as well as really useful for when I write about things I haven't, myself, experienced (without having to do them!) :D

Writer's Guides
-Ecstasy by apiphile
-Meth by jumpthesnark
-Marijuana by strangecreature
-PTSD by rachelmanija
-Dear [not just urban fantasy] authors by kaigou (a guide to street/fringe life, with good guides/rants for - and warnings applicable to - gang and drug culture, the hardcore scene, weaponry and why it gets used, living with no money, child abuse and a host of other things)

Not only was I very impressed with all of these, I thought, "I wish I had something to contribute! I haven't done ANYTHING! My life isn't exciting."

Well, there is one thing I can talk about with some expertise. I don't know how frequently it comes up in fanfiction or original fiction, but there are certainly some myths to dispel, and I don't mind at all my experiences being used to write fiction with more accuracy, so.

Shiver and Shake: A Guide To Epilepsy
Read on...Collapse )

Um...that's about it. Any questions? Any need for more personal experience? Betaing? Whatever?

Whoa, it's officially my birthday.
And officially time for me to be in bed. Night, guys.

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14 July 2009 @ 12:26 am
Just as an aside, I have a couple (2) extra DW codes if anyone wants them.

If you DON'T want to join DW, but you did want to add my other thing that I'm doing ([info - personal] thinkhappythoughts), which I just updated, adding /data/rss to its normal address will allow you to add it to your Google Reader or feed of choice.

It's mostly for me, so I get if no one wants to come read along, but if people want to comment back things that make them happy, it can be fun and interactive ;)
11 July 2009 @ 09:58 pm
Aw, what a nice night. So the Jessigirl and modernsaints took me out for a surprise early birthday outing, all secretive-like :D.

We went to the Vosges store first, because we like to do things backwards, and also because it closes earlier. It was awesome. Awesomely purple and beautiful and oh, so much lovely stuff everywhere. I wish I'd brought my camera. Virginia Plain was playing when we went in, which was hilarious because we'd just been talking about Velvet Goldmine (which sharpest_rose brought up earlier, and which the roomie still has yet to see: I made it another condition of my birthday that we all watch it together, lol).

We basically ran around like little kids in a, well, candy shop. They have clothes, too. I very nearly bought myself a cute puffed-sleeve blazer with coppery pinstripes - SO CUTE - but refrained. Probably very expensive.

Instead, we got some truffles, and Emily got some minibars, and we shared some ice cream (Pandan and Naga, mmmm) and Jessi and Emily both got the Bianca cold chocolate drink, which is lavendar and lemon myrtle with white chocolate and is nicely herbal with a fruity aftertaste (that can taste a little like Froot Loops).

Then we headed to Minnie's, where everything is tiny. It was adooorable. I got a tiny tuna melt, a tiny veggie sandwich and a tiny pizza, along with a tiny limonada and a tiny glass of water and...actually fairly normal sized fries. SO CUTE OMG.

It was all up in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and everything around there is really cool, aside from the frat boys, but the stores are just adorable and, um, I want an apartment with a tower, kthx.

There was something else I wanted to mention. I don't know. We had a really good time. It was awesome, and I love my girlfriend and my roomie for being awesome, and I had a lot of fun. <3

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09 July 2009 @ 11:56 am
As I mentioned to someone - or possibly just in my last LJ post - I love trailers. And traileraddict.com is a good way of feeding the addiction. I'm not going to talk too much here, so apologies for not cutting, but...it's just a bunch of videos.


Dude, I LOVED the original Fame, ok? And I had friends who went to LaGuardia, plus I went to an art school in Hartford, so I take art school musicals with a grain of salt. But this looks really good :D And I am SO PLEASED that they didn't grab all the Disney kids for it.

It Might Get Loud

A documentary about Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White? Sign me up. Also, hello Jack looking pretty (as always).

District 9

Looks like an intriguing take on a "done" subject...but it could go horribly, horribly badly. We'll see.


I've always liked Amelia Aerhart, so putting Hilary Swank + Richard Gere + Ewan McGregor + Christopher Eccleston in a movie about her makes the whole thing pretty appealing, frankly.

I don't know if I posted this particular trailer for The 27 Club before, but it's a good one:

I've been wanting desperately to see that movie ever since I first heard about it. The fact that the main character is Joe Anderson, who I loved in Across The Universe, helps, along with the road-trip-ensemble-cast mentality of the movie, and. Uh. The fact that I like movies about musicians that strongly resemble Kurt Cobain?

Anyway, here's another clip from the movie that I liked.

Finn's Rise To Fame:

Yeaaah, there's probably going to be some prequel fanfic written about those two boys >_>

I still have no idea when it's going to be available on DVD :| Right now it's available through IFC On-Demand, and if you're in London, it's going to be in theatrical release this and next week, you lucky bastards.

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